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Airside Management centralized cloud dashboard provide key communication systems to the air transport industry. Increase on time performance by real-time information sharing amongst all airport stakeholders

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Connected airside connectivity machines. Integrated operation management system. Pull information from airside processes and make better decisions


Track airside issues in real-time from landing to take off. Our recent research showed for airports, preventing disruption of operations is one of their top concerns


Digital audit trail ensures all key stakeholders have access to the data and the shared KPIs they need to efficiently manage their daily operations at the airport


Airside Management offers an API for integration into backend systems. The global IT provider to the air transport industry.

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Global MVNO Connectivity
with Airside Connect

Real time notifications from our API when the issue of wildlife and airside interference impacts the flight & update an airports flight display information systems as a result


Airside Management app interface

Our system will cut delays and lower costs for the airport and the carriers. Delays and disruptions can be shared with all stakeholders in real time

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